Sorry Guys


Hey guys, I apologize as my tutorial is not available yet, I am hoping that either by the end of the night or tomorrow. I promise!!!  I have not finished the Zombie Doll that I am gifting to my brother as of yet, I had it started and my little fellow has decided that during the hand stitching process he would grab the pattern I had been using and stretch it, so I have to re-do this before I post it as I am trying to provide a fairly simple step by step progress tutorial. I really hope you will bear with me and check it out tomorrow at the latest. .I had trouble finding any patterns and took what I had liked from images on google to piece together this pattern in my head!! It has so much to offer in personalizing the little zombies up!! It is also a great green project as you can simply used recycled materials 🙂  Well I should gets a going right now as it is quite late and I would like to get some pictures of my steps and provide them here on my new blog!!!  Thanks again for the patience, and I apologize as I was really shooting for yesterday to have this completed to share.



Chelsea :()


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