Zombie Doll Tutorial


Hey these guys are a bit time consuming to make, but can accomplished in about 2-5 hours, depending on if you choose to use a machine or hand sew. I choose to use both methods. So to do one of these guys, you will need

  • Gray T-Shirt or Gray fabric
  • Felt (red for blood) or red fabric for the blood patches, (white for eyes, black for mouth)
  • Old material for the clothing
  • Thread, I use, Black and Red, and Gray
  • Needle and/or sewing machine
  • Extra material to use for your embellishments

Gray T-Shirt I used

Cut out the pattern for your doll, remember you will cut two identical pieces for both the body and the arms.You should now have two matching body pieces and 4 identical arm pieces.You are now ready to cut some bite wounds out of your pattern, I chose to do only one side of the body as bitten, and left the back side in tact, I did the same with one of the arms,You are now able to attach your red material to the bite wound holes you have just created, I attached them with black thread and hand stitchedThis is the wounded arm I have stiched together and stuffed

the material from the ‘wrong side ‘ of the material.This is the wounded arm I have stiched together and stuffed

 Alright, so when you have the blood patches completed, you will now work on the eyes and mouth, this is one of the stages that is fun to get created, I do blood shot eyes, but I think the next one I do will have dark circles under the white part of their eyes. I also tried one with buttons for eyes.   After the facial features are done, congrats you are ready to turn both body pieces (leave the arms til last) wrong sides facing out together and sew the body up leaving the top part of your Zombie’s head open so that you can stuff the little guy!! When the body is stitched, turn the doll the right side out so that the facial features and blood splats show appropriately. I use a chopstick to help push the seams out a bit, and for the stuffing process as well. 


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