Curious Craze in the making!


Hi guys, I have decided that to enhance my “button month” I would celebrate in early February with a really different festivity for really no other purpose but a personal sense of bliss!!!! You may have guessed it, but I am going to assume not: I plan to do a Wonderland Party!!! That is right, that gives me almost a month to start the decoration prep!!! I am going for a mix between old Wonderland and new “Tim Burton” Wonderland, with a little spin of my own!! I will be sharing on this post some DIY methods for the decorating process!! I will be getting started tomorrow if all goes well, I have already started my guest list so I will also be doing party favors and invitations, costumes, to the best of my ability!!! Any critique or suggestions, greatly appreciated on all levels!!! I will also be sharing normal day projects as well, if you are becoming more curious *teehee* please check back on this post for pics and some item tutorials, there will be lots of sewing and hot glue!!!!  I really appreciate the new follows and hits, and hope that you will come back to check in again!! Hope all are having a passionate night and happy crafting and well just happy endeavours of any kind!!

Hey so just a quick update, sorry the few things that I have managed to get accomplished as of right now, I have not gotten pictures of all the steps, so those will be added here at a later, but yet hopefully soon, time! But I have found a great site for anyone who has interest in a Wonderland theme for adult or child’s party: Lots of free printables!!

For now, these are the pictures I have for the “In the Making of Wonderland”!! Will be posting a couple more pictures tonight! Then as I have had some guests say that they have found my blog and get a sneak peak, I will be blogging the tutorials after the party! I don’t want too many spoilers!!! So this will be the last bit on this post until after the Party Date which is now set for the 4th of February should the weather comply!!  Thanks Guys I will start a new topic here after lunch!!



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