Button Project Challenge


I apologize as I have been distracted from my theme this month (BUTTONS) I seem to have gotten lost in Wonderland decorations, I think I have reached the point where I want to do so much, that realistically I will get little done! So I have decided it would be best to balance out my “To Do’s” I am hoping to conquer one Wonderland Project and one button project a day!! I am leaving my party decor pictures til after the party date, so that my guests will see no more spoilers!!!  Tonight after my little man falls asleep I plan to whip out the hot glue gun and set to work on a button project for his room!!! I am excited to take a break from wonderland hahaha, just a little one (moderation is key afterall). I will take some pictures tonight, this project has been done many times I am sure, so I will not be wordy with it! Stay tuned for today’s surprise 🙂


Cute embellished frames for your children’s room (and yours too)! I love this project as you can choose to do as much or as little as you want!!  My son is getting quite mobile so I chose to remove the glass panel from the frame ( just incase right)!! So for this project you will need your embellishments (I used buttons), hot glue gun (or Elmers glue would work find as it mostly dries clear), and a frame of your  choice!!

You can choose to just decorate the frame itself or you may feel creative and do some word art, quotes, embellished personalized art!! This project can grow into so many bigger projects!! Hope you have fun with it, and also feel free to share your projects I would love to see how they turn out!!!


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