A new Day


Alright, so unfortunately, I will not be posting a project today as it seems, I am currently working on a costume for a friend and it requires a little more time, I will see about this evening though, as I still have so many buttons to play with!!!

Today, amongst working on the Red Queens costume, I am hoping to get a little more productive and get some cleaning and such done. You see we live in a very limited space apartment, and it is kind of an inconvenient home for a crafter!!! Especially a stay at home with no income mama, with the daddy going out to work, kind of a pricey hobby I will admit, but it is also a very calming and rewarding hobby I shall say!! Really hoping to get a pattern I have done to a higher level of professionalism and have it available on on Etsy or something of the like!! I normal would not be for that, however, I should like to think that it is original and would love to have rights to atleast one of my patterns! The rest I will ofcourse be sharing for taking for no dollar signs at all, which is kind of why I started this blog!!

I am slowly making way on my Wonderland decor, taking time here and there to work on it!! The costumes I believe will be the most work, but that is fine, cause I really hope that we get kind of a goofy group of costumed characters and I would like to see more funny than literal!!  In a way I also can not wait for it to be over, so I can get back to the bulk of my other projects!! I feel more inspired lately and yet I try to stop myself from snowballing all over the place with too many unfinished projects scattered in the little space I have!! I have been travelling to other blogs and trying to find a better way to arrange my blog so that it is almost as successful as these other crafters who seem to have it spot on!! To have the ability to commit to a blog just about daily is a little more easier for me each post I add!! I think this is actually a bit of a record for me, I am not one for regular routine and generally “Wing It”, however; since the coolest little man I know has entered my life, he has shown that routine is not all bad as I once thought it was. Actually my little Angel will be making appearance on my blog here very soon as I have some projects he has inspired coming up in these next few weeks!!! That seems   to be one of the biggest rewards in crafting as he shows more interest in things around him, I tend to want to make him so really unique to him toys, and outfits and even room decor!  Well I think I should actually get a little more productive and stop with my ramble, hahah I really hope that all you visitors have a really great, inspriring, and passionate day!! And hope the New Years is showing you all a great beginning of a fresh year for new mistakes, learning, and accomplishments!! STAY SHINY



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