My My`s growing wardrobe :)


Hi so I am going to be documenting my first attempt as serging My My`s second pair of home sewn pants 🙂 I chose a really fun `Cows` t-shirt that does not fit his father anymore, I have them started but will have to wait till tomorrow to run out and grab some more matching thread, I will finish off my steps on here as I complete them, also I would like to credit the tutorial as it is so great and easy to follow and I love it, My My is growing non-stop at this point and jammies are hard to keep, he also is on the move so I love gym pants for him as they are wonderfully comfortable right!!  Please stay tuned into this blog as I will be updating this project as I mentioned above, and it is so easy and fun to do, that you could change the style from pair to pair :

Tutorial can be found at

Will hopefully get this completed in the next day or so, been having a war with the serger, and I do not want to take the easy way and just zig zag, so hoping the war ends soon and I can get this finished, this project should be quick and painless!!

I apologize for the lack of new projects being posted, I have come to a realization that we are a lot closer to the 4th of February then I had thought– I am not so great with dates since I have been staying at home 😦  So I am trying to race to get things done before my deadline. The Wonderland Party I am hosting with my boyfriend Jay, is just around the corner and I still have things I need to get finished. Currently my list entails, but not limited to: Finish Christine`s Queen costume (trying to do a corset top), Jay and I still need a costume :o, Table Cloth, Chair Cover (we just got a big wicker chair with a gigantic cushion that has a couple little stains, some more  tissue paper flowers, some more softie mushrooms, party favors and prizes, and a couple games and wall decor.  Almost feels like the Holidays again, rushing to beat time, but that is OK cause sometimes I do better when pressured a bit 😛

I am also trying to get my ducks in order as I have decided to go ahead and enroll in a distance course for sewing and dressmaking. If I will be staying home, I might as well make the best of it. Sewing is very theraputic for my, so I was thinking it may be a career choice that I could really fall in love with. And you can never learn too much right? PEI is not really full of schools that offer sewing programs, so a  distance program will suit me just fine I think, and also I have applied at a few alteration businesses, being turned down because of my age and the fact that I am self taught. I understand the hesitation, but it disappoints all the same. So instead of losing focus of what I want, which is typically me in a nutshell, I have decided, that I can afford to overcome that flaw and right my own wrongs and do something productive for myself.  Solutions are the answer (pun so intended)!

Now with the party prep in session on overtime, I am also determined to finish My My’s new pants as well, (they are not serged as my serger is still on a leave of absence) I have settled for zig zag stitching, that can be fixed at a later time 🙂 The finished pants will make their debut in my post titled “My My’s growing wardrobe” Which is quite fitting as he is growing and growing without a standstill in between!!! Please bear with me and after the party date, I will post the Wonderland Material and then resume new projects as promised.

Also please feel free to throw me any suggestions for material to post or projects to try, or even better, leave your link, I would love to visit your blog and see what you have been up too, that is honestly where the bulk of inspiration comes from. Seeing projects that others start and finish, makes me want to kick my own butt!!!   Also in mid to late March I would love to get a swap going, would love to hear some ideas 🙂

❤ Chels



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  1. Wow– these are so cute– I really love the idea thanks for sharing- and for posting the original tutorial!! Turned out great without a serger! Going to make a bunch!

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