Finally a new project


Mostly complete, just need to add some rick rack around the letter edging and glue the ribbon in place!

Hey guys, sorry again for the inactivity!! Finally got a project  worth posting lol.  A friend of mine is due anytime here, so I have been trying to get a few items done for her. I wanted to do a bigger gift along side of some baby essentials, so I have decided to do a piece of nursery decor for the baby’s room! Not sure if it is a boy or girl so going to try to get some unisex colors.  I am going to need to get to the store this week to get a larger piece of canvas board and some paint! For now I am trying to get my pattern for an owl figured out and here is what I have so far . . . when the project is completely done I will add more pics and a quick tutorial!  The colors on this owl will not be the colors used on the project itself, this is just a mock pattern so far!! If anything when it is done, My My can have it for his collection!! I do not use embroidery floss very often so I thought I would try it for a more decorative finish!! Will post the finished owl tomorrow!!  Pretty excited for this project, will be a first for paint and sewing in one for me!!  Hope everyone has a goodnight!


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