Well, I have really fallen behind now!


Well just about a month later and I am finally getting a post published on here!  My bad 😦  Been a tad bit busy with my little guy and my course! Only one module left to go, been flying through it really!! Which is great cause I cannot see me wanting to devote too much time after our newest little one arrives in September! Right now I have been trying to get a hang of doing little newborn Kimono shoes, I have seen them around in sewing books for years, but do you think I can find a book here at home with a pattern ????  But thanks to Pinterest I have found a pretty easy to follow tutorial!  Just swing by http://www.homespun-threads.com/patterns/kimonoshoes.pdf  and take a look for yourself!! They are cute,  I have tried three different variations, but have yet to find a finish that I am happy with! Mostly in part because we have yet to find out if we are having a boy or a girl this time round, so I am thinking things look too girl or boy at this point! Which is another funny thing going on as well, we have yet to move to a bigger home for the time being, and I have suddenly hit the desire to nest! Which is almost painful when you do not have a room for baby yet!!  Soon Soon Soon!! So right now I am going through a sew for baby stage!!!  Well off for a bit, suffering out a cold with my little man, think it will be a cuddle evening with some Max and Ruby and possibly some Toy Story! Hope you all are having a shiny day 🙂


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