Next set of projects


Hi guys, been trying to think of what projects to get set up on here, so I looked at me list recently added a few posts below! My son has a growing  collection of toys now, and I think it is time to start organizing better! So this week I will be focusing on this!! Will add pictures of each projects, tutorials of my own if no pattern was borrowed from anyone, also if I use a pattern shared online by another source I will add the original so credit is given to the right mastermind 🙂  May be a few projects haha; as there are many many toys!!  Just getting over our sickness here at this home and slowly getting energy back!!  Will be nice to get some originals on here as well; I will focus on that more as well!!  Hope you check back in a weeks time, and if you are on a budget and finding it hard to stay uncluttered from toys, maybe you will find something that will help you, or just as well, perhaps share your solutions as well! Would love to see some ideas that I could use!!!

Last night I tried out a pattern for newborn Kimono shoes: with a few adjustments to the original tutorial found at this link:   Her pattern is crazy easy to follow and leave lots of opportunity to add your own personal touch–  mine was a pointier toe if baby #2 should be a girl! I would defiantly stick with rounder for a boy!!  This pattern is really fun, and great for all levels of sewers!!   Thank you Aimee Larsen for sharing such a cute take on baby shoes!!


Updates with some new time takers will be added this evening!! Big too do list with house work this afternoon as I have been neglecting the homestead for the sun 😮  "My attempt"


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