Spring Fever!!!


Hey guys, finally back with a new post! I know I know, just awful at post to post! I think it will be much better now though, my boys are in a fairly sync routine and I am able to pick away at my to-do lists a little more efficiently 🙂

So the last little bit I have been going a little sew crazy for a friend who was having a baby girl! Well baby girl arrived early so my machine has been kicked into high gear working on these projects! I also have a great outline for items that I feel confident will sell in my soon to be official from home boutique “That’s Sew Silly”.

I am currently trying to work on a few patterns for baby creepers, sleepers, children’s pants, and fun shirts, cute drool bibs, and ofcourse some original softies! As you can probably tell I am drifting towards the baby and toddler market! It’s just that it is so hard to look at prints and not want to do something for baby girls and boys!

Here are a few quick snaps of baby girl’s gifts! A shout out to Ladybug Bend for the mary jane pattern, I only made the slightest of adjustments and it was so easy to follow! If you are looking for some cute patterns check out her Etsy Shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/LadybugBend  and defiantly like her on Facebook 🙂


163520_438547102899531_1600313084_n 528396_438451512909090_1308924671_n 551294_438451506242424_362736066_n


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