End of April


Where has the time gone, snow has been gone for long of now that it officially feels like Spring here on PEI! Even suppose to hit 18 by Sunday! Excciittedd! That will be an outdoor bubble and maybe even paint crafting day for the boys! So today I  received my fabric.com order minus the babyville boutique book, but the snapper tool and flannel will be put to use by tonight for sure, Infact I already added a couple snaps to the nappy wallets I have featured in the previous post! So tonight I have to finish the details on about 3 or 4 more Diaper Holders, and I would like to get started on the flannel burp cloths as well! I have 2 girly ones to do for my Give Away on Facebook. Check it out on That’s Sew Silly on Facebook for more details! Even if you are not on PEI I will still be giving entries, and am more than willing to ship the set should you live anywhere else! I don’t believe in leaving anyone out because they are not local 🙂  So keep an eye out on my FB page, contest starts May 15th. 

Well tonight, I hope to be more than productive as I have some household shores to finish up on too! I also fell inlove with a new Pinterest business board check it out for sure cute ideas and lots of inspiration  http://pinterest.com/babyvilleboutiq/

Anywho, off to further productivity of today! Check in later and update as much as I can. Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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