Well we are into May now!!


Hey guys, I know I have not updated, but it has been nice Weather here on PEI and Mr. M and Handsome H just need to have some outdoor adventures! Also had some machine issues but since then was able to take it apart and actually fix the issue myself, I am not sure what exactly I did, but just turned a couple little things. It wasn’t dirty or dusty so I put it back together (the puzzle that itself was) and bamm she ran again without eating into my material!! I love when things fall together like that, although it does not seem to work like that often 🙂 Well I busied myself with getting some more flannel gift sets together, this time in a more boy friendly print. Also I got a little craft inspiration from http://apronhistory.blogspot.ca/2012/03/project-dish-soap-bottle-apron.html and tried my hand at aprons for my soap bottle, love it! I call here Silly Suds! Got a couple projects I want to get finished up this weekend and lots on my want to try coming up soon, my goal is to get enough silly practical items to take to the Farmer’s Market in June 🙂 Time is really hard to compete with, but will try!! ImageImage


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