Force a Smile Friday


Hello, sorry about the lack of activity, my little Handsome H has been having some health issues that will ofcourse always take priority over my scheduled projects. We have been trying to find a silver lining the last couple days, and will continue to do so! Our Ped right now has been less than helpful so we are trying to find alternatives to what should be a simple process. With that said, Daddy will be off work in the evenings this weekend so I may be able to sneak in a project or two the next couple days! Handsome H is holding up fine, was healthy going into the Doctors and by the time we came home and tried to implement some recommended changes, found that Handsome H clearly had none of those issues to begin with 😦 So today is fix what they did day and help him return to his handsome happy self 🙂  Will defiantly get to posting this weekend (even should I have to wait til after midnight to do so). Hope everyone else is having a great start to their weekend where ever you are! Take care and enjoy!!


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