Monday, Monday, Monday!


Hey so today is Monday, and for some people this is the start to their work week, but alas, today most have off as  it is Victoria Day!!  So enjoy your extra day off guys and gals!! Hope you enjoy it and it is either productive or slack as you want it to be 🙂 

So last night I entered a Swap event hosted here . 

I am so excited, I cannot wait to see who I am partnered with, and go shopping for them 🙂 Also thinking of what little trinkets I can send with their fat quarters!! Going to be exciting 🙂 I have never entered a swap before!  If you have any interest I believe the close date for sign up is May 24th! I am sure there will be many many participants looking for partners! You also don’t have to feel obligated to be willing to ship internationally if you would rather ship to only US or Canada. I chose to do either, but just cause I thought it would be kind of fun to start a new friendship from anywhere over the globe! But in reality, who knows what shipping will accumulate too when it’s parcelled up and ready to land on her step 🙂 

Anywho still working on my project on hand which is another gift set for a 0-3 mos girly! This time I went a little bold and am using a symmetrical pattern! I don’t use stripes much in fear of not lining the pattern up perfectly, but I figured the feeling of accomplishment will be worth overcoming the anxiety of it all! Here are the cuts so far, I want to add cute little snaps from babyville to the shoes! The circle on the right of the photo is for a yoyo to do a bigger silly headband. I am hoping it turns out in terms of lining up the pieces to be straight! Wish me luck! I am also trying to figure out how to do a boys diaper cover as well, but need to figure out what kind of material to make them just as cheesy as these little bum huggers!  Anywho hope you are all having a great Monday, where ever you may be! Remember to stay Silly, the World will love you for it! I do x0x0

Chels Image


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