Talk about a Tuesday


Well I haven’t gotten as much time in sewing today as I would have liked. I had a neighbour today in need of desperate help with his laptop, so I played around with that for a while (2 hours) to find he does not have a recovery disk ?? I will never understand how people bypass this, it saves a lot of money down the road! Anywho after which point when I did get to sewing,my serger needle decided to break. I can’t be too dissapointed it looked as though it had been around for ages and the sweater I was resizing (to fit a teddy bear for a sweet lady who’s Mother passed away) was quite thick! So that had to be put on hold until we packed the boys up and went to a trip to the ol’ WalMart. I know I hate that store and generally never set foot, but upon desperation I really had little choice. Got home in time to tidy, fix the needle, finish attaching one sleeve and then the bf had to go to ball practice, so I had two little boys to chase and feed and well I wish I could say they were a handful of distraction, but I mostly just got caught up playing puzzles and fake phones haha. Then we had a lovely visit from a friend we have not seen for about 7 months. Her 15 Yr old was in love with the Serger, but I did tell him what he really needs to do patches for his cadets would be a nice simple sewing machine. Even a portable mending machine would be ideal for him! So I am thinking that could be a gift for his summer or even is birthday! Hmmm . . . It would be cool to have a sewing buddy 😦 No one around here sews– it does get quite lonely. Anywho sad face behind us . . . Β My Give Away online is ending tomorrow noon. I have gotten some new likes and feel like it has been a success this far and just cannot wait to draw a name tomorrow πŸ™‚ Β All in all, been a pretty busy day and I doubt I will have the usual problem of just laying for hours before sleeping. Hope you all are having a great or had a great Tuesday! Stay Silly!Β 



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  1. What a busy mama you are!

    One suggestion I might have is to break up your content a little. One big paragraph can be hard to read, and for me personally leads to bits missed or skipped. Haha.

    But I took the time to reread a couple times! πŸ˜€

    The pain of not having sewing buddies nearby is felt, my dear. Definitely shared! Haha.

    Once people heard I was sewing my own clothes, they asked me to make them clothes! And P.C. and sensitivity drama ensued…

    Do you have a Jo Anns or fabric store nearby? I hate Wal*Mart, too and grimace at the thought of using their non-packaged items. All those dirty, sticky hands? I live in a very “unhygenic” part of the South.

    • Thanks, yeah I have been re-reading my blog posts and find I do have a tendency to write as I speak, which is long winded lol. Thank you for your feedback πŸ™‚ Yeah I hate the WalMart, I generally only buy packaged items from them, which is hard to find and pricey. The sewing section seems fairly not touched for the most part. Felt is also really hard to come by in my little city.
      No we don’t have a Jo Anns 😦 Most of my shopping is thus far been online or a cute little fabric shop (mostly for knitting or quilting) about 45 minutes away so I don’t get the chance to pack the babies up to just go on a whim.
      The Sewing buddy thing is a miss, it would be nice to have a fabric shopping buddy and sit their and sift through patterns and draft up some updates *drool*. Oh well its still a hobby I am determined to perfect on my own! I also like the blog world, it fulfills that missing part for now.
      Do you ever do any swaps or anything?

  2. Writing via stream of consciousness? Haha. That’s how I roll, too! I tend to do the opposite and put TOO many breaks.

    My Jo Ann is a drive of 35-45 minutes depending on traffic as well. What shops do you use online? I am quite weary of ordering fabric online since I like to feel and see it. How do you do it?

    And oh my goodness, yes! Fabric shopping dates! Help each other get the proper fit, or someone to rant to for that seam you had to rip out for the umpteenth time?!

    I actually have never participated in a swap before!Have you? I can imagine they are quite fun! And only one giveaway, but that is because I get my hopes up to quick, too much. I get really sad when I don’t win. haha.

    • Shopping isn’t too bad online, If I have seen a fabric I like I just memo it and when I put in order in I normally already know what kind I am looking for, or if it is overpriced at the shop, it is usually worth my while to place a decent size order online to make up for the shipping! We have one fabric outlet here about 15 minutes from my home and it’s prices are terrible! About double online and I find they don’t keep their fabric well, you get awful edging and usually not a full yard when they measure and charge you for. I have pretty good experience online, only once did I get something that was not what it actually said it was. They corrected the misprint and offered return, but I found good use for it and will actually be putting together a tutorial on here. Redoing my kitchen chairs with it πŸ™‚
      I just signed up for my first swap and am pretty excited. It’s a fat quarter swap . I seen a few and never signed up and regretted it so I went for it.

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