Make it Monday


Hey guys and gals,

Monday is kind of chilly here today, hoping the sun will pop out and warm up outside a bit. This morning has been balloon filled adventures with the boys. Mr. M is trying to teach Handsome H to blow up balloons that are already blown up hahaha. Try saying that 10 times fast.

Well I managed to try a new tutorial out. It was very easy to follow and a nice quick project. I had some fat quarters that I did not know what I would use them for and I had pinned this tutorial ages ago and figured that it would be a great time to give it a go. I will however, be changing a few things later that just would suit the type of fabric I used for the ruffle. It frayed much more than I thought so I will have to tidy that up next time. The original tutorial I followed is here @

Natalie from Johnny In A Dress uses great description and photos to help us through her tutorial! I enjoyed it and I really needed a pick me up project that, even with the boys all evening I could start and finish. Here are a few photos of the construction of my cardholder:

Closing left open, simple and cute :)

Closing left open, simple and cute 🙂

Filing with cards

Filing with cards

Here it is closed

Here it is closed

Fabric I had, but did not know what I would do with

Fabric I had, but did not know what I would do with


Well I need to be off to find out what I am working on next, and boys are still in need of entertaining. Hope your Monday is going well! Would love to hear what you are working on right now!!!  Stay Silly



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  1. I love that I’ve caught glimpses of your son’s obsession with balloons in this post! I can’t wait to hear how he likes putting surprise notes in balloons. Also, way to knock out an awesome business card holder! I’m a beginner sewist, so I’m not sure I could have completed something like that in one sitting…but maybe someday. I have to add that I love how you ended your post, “Stay Silly.” I definitely live by that philosophy and appreciate the reminder!

    (To answer your question, I’m working on a secret scrapbook project for a friend’s wedding anniversary. Her Mom has commissioned me to do it, and my deadline is fast approaching. Time to get busy!)

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! It’s lovely to stop by your corner of blogland and visit you here. Looking forward to getting to know you more, Chelsea.

    The Thinking Closet

      • I actually am patiently awaiting mine right now, I have a friend who is moving and does not want to take it with her as she got it for a wedding gift, but did not take an interest so she promised it to your truly! I have been wanting one for a while, but just have not found a used one and cannot justify buying one new quite yet as I have recently accumulated a new machine and 2 sergers! I am very excited and cannot wait to play with it! I have yet to decide on my first project yet! I think I will probably have an all nighter and see how many I can occupy my silliness with!

      • Used or new…who cares? It’s going to be a craft-cutting wonder machine no matter what. I’ve totally pulled all-nighters myself since owning one. So excited for you! Off to approve your request and send you an email with some info on the group… Eek!

    • Excellent, I am sure any project you touch will be beautiful!! Thank you for stopping in, and yes I love reminding everyone to stay silly. We all have it in us, and I think there is nothing more amazing than a person who is not afraid to live and let loose. I honestly believe it helps us to stay just a little more sane by being indeed a little silly.
      Yes, Mr. M certainly loves balloons! I cannot wait to go get another big bag and watch him chase after his surprise notes 🙂 I love sewing, I wish I could find just a little more time to do it, but I wouldn’t trade in my mommy and boys time so I am blessed that I have the time that I do! Thank you again for stopping in and I look forward to those emails letting me know when you post new content ( I am still going through previous posts)
      Take care and do stay silly!

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