Some more for inspiration!


Hey guys,

Today I have been making sure to hit up some of the blogs that I follow. I can spend hours sifting through them. Sometimes it takes that long when you find a blog you like and want to go right back through their posts (and I mean straight back to their blog’s beginning). Its great– it’s like getting a run down of their day to day and you see them grow!  Today I wanted to link up some of those blogs: and forgive me if you don’t see yours, there is not enough time in a day to link them all here. Plus I will be leaving a few out that I have watched tuts from or have planned to do another post featuring their website or such and such 🙂

What I think I will do is choose a small list today, and this could be a weekly kind of post, where I fill in where I have stopped by! 

I think that there is nothing cooler than people who are willing to share their work with others. Its spreading the wealth in my eyes. So if you are not already following or have yet to take a peak, please visit and check out for yourself!    She used her Cat in The Hat fabric splendidly! Don’t forget to keep scrolling back! Her girls are always showing off some really darling creations!! – – She has some really great tutorials, easy to follow–  She also did her own spin on the Fancy Pants Leggins –original pattern can be found @  I was lucky enough to win a free pattern and am still waiting to get some of my orders and projects done to get at them!  Lauren– well all kinds of different content!! She has some great tips for blogging 🙂 She has some posts for really sweet activities (one of my favorite is her surprise note post) and also a great tutorial for easy burp cloths using cloth diapers!! Really great read!! I enjoyed all her posts, and she really keeps you entertained while you stop in!!  Great tips for sewing, lots of seam finishing tutorials, and recipes and just all kinds of goodies! Love this blog! The tutorial list is vibrant and organized which makes finding your favorites so easy!! 

Those are just a few of my favorites! I will link up some more next week and really hope you take a look into them, if you have not yet already! Lots of great content! 

Well I really hope you are having a great Thursday. Stay Silly! 






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  1. Hey, thanks so much for including me in your inspirations post!! What a great idea to share what you are reading with others! Two of those other blogs are new to me, I’ll have to go and check them out! Have a great day

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