Let’s share some more inspiration


Alright, as we decided last week, I am going to do 1 of these posts once a week!  I think that instead of boring you with a million projects I have planned I would make time each week and share some of sites I have gained some inspiration and how to’s!  It’s always nice to share information, why not ideas! These sites range from shops to fellow DIYers, and ofcourse some amazing seamstresses!

Let’s indulge ourself shall we?

First Stop:


Taylor Made is a really fun website featuring her shop at Etsy as well as brilliant posts and DIY tuts! I enjoy catching up everytime I pop in and see what I have missed! Her shop has some pretty dandy Hand Dyed onesies! If only my boys were still in onesies! I am tickled by hand dyed items! Especially something so cute as a onesie!  Please stop in to her website and drool!!

http://www.petitapetitandfamily.com/  I don’t think this woman is capable of doing anything less than PRETTY!! One of my recent favs was her version of Roly Poly titled 4 Seasons! Dip Dyed and reversable! WOW! *drool*

Then Stop here:


Just Wow! One of my favorite posts thus far (I have yet to read through all yet–but will make it) is her:

Book-Themed Baby Shower Favor and Game   That’s not all,  she has organized a ‘Winners Circle” for tried tested and true DIY, and recipes, and even cleaning and household cleverness!

So I think I have time for one more today. Lets stop in and visit http://theweedas.blogspot.ca/

Well this one is so fun to read and very inspiring, from recipes, sweet little hair braids, and jean upcycling!  Her April Spring Showers post was refreshing to read! She is a great writer and her family just seems the sweetest! Also side note, he has a great tutorial and re adjusting shorts/pants for kids who have issues keeping their pants up (making it frustrating to play). Definitely a great share!

So we will leave at just one more! This is a great read for the aspiring sewer     http://www.nicoleathome.com/  I spent a better part of an evening here just the other day! Tutorials are very well done, and her project list is drool worthy 🙂

Well I hope you enjoy the shares, more coming next week!

Stay Silly and don’t forget to share the silly! Also wishing all the Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day



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