Inspiration time


Hey guys, 

Sorry again for the lack of inactivity, we have been pretty busy here in this home. Getting ready to move into our first little house! Hoping the winter is great there, as we could potentially buy in spring or summer and become official home owners! Hellllloooo Pinterest! Hahaha. Another deal breaker was a little room just off our bedroom will make a perfect sewing area!! Finally I can say goodbye to my kitchen table for sewing! The boyfriend will not have to growl at the fact that my serger or machine and fabric is all over the place!! Excitteddd! So with all that going on, I am sad to say that my internet may not be available to possibly September or October, so my posts (as slack as they are now) may become even less– but no worries, I will definitely be more organized and better able to document projects to come back with 🙂 

Alrighty– so wanted to do my inspiration post up first. So here we go

Today’s first stop is at Blue Susan Makes —

Lots of fun and a great place to stop in for a cup of tea and a drool bib– seriously though, great content. She has a post in June on a little superhero party– it was amazing and looks like the kids had a great time training!! This is a great one to save if you have little boys! 

Next visit was with We Lived Happily Ever After  

I loved this tutorial it was cute and straight forward! Sad to say however, I also bookmarked this one for myself lol. I loved this movie so much that I had to go to get a Happy Meal just for the toys! Shhhhhh we will keep that between us!  And the Recipes! Woahhhhhh Yum. Tried the Royal Icing — never going back– this one is truly a keeper. Beautiful blog 🙂

The last one I checked out today and am still caught up in reading is Claire from Fellow Fellow @   It just makes you warm and fuzzy looking at her DIY menu  WOW. All I can say is WOW


Hope you get to take some time to check out these lovely sites! I guarantee, not a second will have been wasted! 

Take Care and remember to stay Silly



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