A little more color!! Yes please!


Well, decided to finally get the seat covers for my kitchen chairs a little makeover! So I traded my dandy Singer for a friend’s father’s staple gun (say that 10 times fast eh). It was supposed to be a quick project– in my head I was determined to get it done in less than an hour! NO SIR!

There was really only one minor snag in the process, however, this snag caused about a half hour or more set back! You see, these chairs have been recovered multiple times before.  Each time leaving the cover from before attached and working over it. Also, in addition to the 3 layers of fabric I had to remove, each layer had double the staples! At one point I counted 23 large staples on one cover (2nd layer in). Woahhhhhhh!! I jabbed my hand a few times taking these little metal pieces out! But I did it!! The results were well worth it! I love the colors and how it really pops on the white chair bases!

The New

The New

The Old

The Old

Done Now off to repaint the chair frame itself.

Done Now off to repaint the chair frame itself.

The Oldest (original chair cushion)

The Oldest (original chair cushion)

Well that is it for the chair makeover for now! Hope everyone’s projects are going great!!

Stay Silly








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