Hi I am Chelsea,

I am a stay at home mom to 2 completely adorable boys! Mr. M (2) and Hansome H (9 months). My boyfriend and baby daddy, Jay makes that famous ADL cheese when he is not home playing with us or giving me an extra set of hands so I can unleash my Singer or Brother serger! We have a fairly humble life, and are completely smitten with our little family life! We started off partners in all things party and fun, and then blessed with Mr. M switch for partners in parenthood! We have been going strong since with no looking back and make our own kinds of fun in the world! I tease him and let him know he is the pinky to my brain bahahaha. No–all kidding aside, he is a great man, and really makes my life so much sunnier!

I love funky conversation pieces above “fancier” things!! I really love the look of handmade, or I should say homemade things!! I think that we should give more thought to shopping with local crafsters, cooks, bakers and etc. I love giving unique and personal gifts. I am also starting my small sewing business from home,Β I am hoping to get started here full force by the Summer of 2013. I will hopefully be covering some of that journey here as well!

I love to do odd little crafts, I admit I am an amateur which is kind of why I wanted to sort of document my journey into the crafting world. I stick to pretty much sewing, but hope not to be limited to just that!! Β My biggest sources of inspiration are: My beautiful sons, Mr M, and Handsome H, my Mother and her love for all shiny and glitter, vintage, Whimsical books and stories (Alice in Wonderland). I can find inspiration everywhere, but time is a whole other story!

These are my sweets, brothers and playmates!  Just a little dose of my happy!

These are my sweets, brothers and playmates! Just a little dose of my happy!

Me and my lover :) I was actually about 7 months along with Myles here!

Me and my lover πŸ™‚ I was actually about 7 months along with Myles here!

To those that decide to follow, I really hope that you will share your site as well, always love seeing other crafters and learn what I can from them!! We all need inspiration or simply motivation sometimes am I right? Please critique fairly, but most of all critique, I take it well I promise ❀ I would also ask that any work of mine that you find you would like to try yourself, go ahead, if you document it online I do ask that you give credit where it is due. I try to be fair in doing so myself! If I use something specifically from a source I will gladly credit it as such πŸ™‚ Thank you in advance.

Don’t forget to Stay Silly πŸ™‚



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  1. Hiya! I finally got my internet working so I could pop on over here and take a look see! Especially after such kind words! What an adorable little family you have there. πŸ™‚

    What kind of things are you hoping to include in this boutique of yours? I am very, very curious!

    • Hi, thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚ Thank you I really have to update my photo to include, my youngest.
      Well right now the demand around here seems to fall heavier with accessories for home and kiddies. I am hoping to get all my equipment and tools organized and fit in here by mid summer so that I start garment construction. Right now if I make any clothing it seems to be for my babes. I really need to get me a dress form! Another big hit that is giving me work is hemming and minor alterations or custom curtains!!
      So far I have been trying to get some more insight to what I can really make work around here. Seems like when people need a seamstress, they tend to hear your name and bring any type of project that needs thread your way haha. It’s good though–never boring!

  2. I was about to say! I think there should be another little one in this photo!

    Hm… if by “here” you mean ‘blog folks’, pictures are always a great bet! Or even in general, I think? Give you friends your blog address and have it shared around. If you have a great repertoire of photos to show what you have to offer it can open the mind and reel them in. At least, that is how it is for me. The moment I see pictures, I want to dive in even further. In Progress, completed projects or even inspiration photos!

    I would love to see photos of what you can do, or what you are learning to do! And it seems even photos taken with your phone are welcome! That’s what I have to do.

    As long as what ever you try to include, is filled with your passion for the item and its destination – it will be welcomed and sought after, I think!

  3. Yes, I started this blog, then got so caught up in my second pregnancy and life ongoings that I hadn’t even thought of trying to really document much. I am kicking myself for that now . . . around here we all know eachother (PEI is such a tiny province) so word of mouth was really efficient for what I had time for. The projects I did manage to get documented are on my FB page here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thats-Sew-Silly/218331541587756?fref=ts
    A lot of it, I just did not think of keeping anything other than the patterns or templates or in my handy dandy binder of recording how I did what lol.
    I indeed meant here locally, people are very prone to store bought, and I cannot blame them entirely. Convenience has become a rather large tradition strengthened with each generation. However, when they see the price of particular items and want a similar version with a few adaptations they are quick to come πŸ™‚ I am just thankful for any sale no matter how small or big– the feedback is the best part.
    Yes picture documentation is very helpful to engulf readers and customers. My disadvantage with this has really been that sometimes I have such a small window of time that I just dive in and get into my little zone and don’t stop to even grab my phone. What I think I will start is a little time once a week to document for my upcoming posts! Then I can plan my blogging around that πŸ™‚ This will give me more time to check each post before I hit that publish button. I am loving your input by the way! It’s making me think a lot πŸ™‚ Greatness

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