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Hmmm . . . Harem pants!! I think so!


Hi, it’s been a busy start to the summer weather for sure in this home. I have also been working my sewing machine into a frenzy. I have definitely been making up for a lack of handmade things for the boys!! Loving every minute of it, as well as how things have been working out start to finish. Which we all know won’t always be, so feeling pretty blessed for the streak that I am on!!

So on with the content right? Sure, I would hate to get stuck listening to me babble on too haha.

Well I have been looking for a practical pattern for Hammer pants for a toddler. I didn’t want the Hammer Pants exact as I wanted to keep the legs as skinny as possible to avoid more than the necessary tumbles. So I get notifications from Craft Gossip and BAMMM there is was in my newsfeed on FB. Woo hoo right? Yuupeerss!  Check out her pattern here: http://www.suburbia-soup.com/2013/05/harem-sareoul-mc-hammer-you-call-it_22.html    Happy Sewing 😉

Myles hammer time

This was his idea of showing the back of his pants haha!

This was his idea of showing the back of his pants haha!

Enjoying his freezie!

Enjoying his freezie!


Well off again to enjoy another beautiful day with my boys and also have to get a little sundress done for our neighbor’s little girl!! Exciting! Check in a couple of days ofcourse!

Stay Silly